Markogi factoryMarkogi is the trademark of our company, Contract-NG. Founded in 1991 as 100% private company, Contract started its activity with trading of chemical products and fertilizers. After establishing partnership with a French company for trading wild mushrooms, in 1995 was built the factory Markogi.

During the first years of its existence, the factory specialized in processing and canning wild mushrooms; all of the capacity was made for export to France. In 1999 we started enlarging our factory. We built an extension with 4 machines for roasting peppers and eggplants. The capacity for 24 hours is 12 tons roasted peppers and 8 tons roasted eggplants. In 2009 we started building a new factory with 2 floors, next to the existing one. The ground floor is storage and cold storages; the second floor is for production. In September 2009 we built 3 cold storages, one of which is with a shock-freeze room. The total storage capacity is 140 tons frozen production.



The main policy

Markogi the main policy imgThe main policy of our company is to rely more on the quality of the products, rather than the quantity. Most of our products are hand-made by well-trained and experienced staff, with years of practice in the food industry.

Markogi is very flexible when it comes to orders. We can accept new technologies, recipes, change the size of the package, or work under customer's private label.

Almost all of our production is made for export. We have partners in the following countries: USA, Republic of South Africa, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, England, Holland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania.

We are open for new ideas, new products, new partners. We believe that with professional approach and persistency, we will find mutual interests to work with anyone who is interested in our activity.


The Men behind

nikolay gadjevNikolay GADJEV, General Manager and Owner of the company - electro engineer, graduated the Machinery Electronics Institute in Sofia; second major Economics at the Economics Institute in Sofia. Before founding his own company he was an assistance director in 3 major companies, and also a general manager of a Bulgarian-Ukrainian Union, Regina-UB. In August 1991, he founded “Contract - Nikolay Gadjev” (Contract-NG).


Ognian Gadjev

Ognian GADJEV Marketing and Sales Manager Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and French at Lake Forest College, Chicago, USA. Master’s Degree in Regional Economics at Trakia University, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Experience and internships from Chicago, Paris, Stara Zagora and Tokyo, where he participated in a course for Business Practices. After becoming part of Contract-NG’s team in 2005, his mission is to find new markets and broaden the company’s activities.