markogi ljutenitza, lutenitsa, ljutenitza

One of the most popular Bulgarian food products is unquestionably the Ljutenitsa. Analysis in an authorized lab shows that thanks to the all natural products, the ljutenitsa Markogi has high antioxidant activity. In 100 g ljutenitsa there is Vitamin C enough for man's daily needs. Besides Ljutenitsa, we can offer Pindjur, Ajvar, as well as tomato paste and other traditional mixes.


markogi wild mushrooms, champignons

They are gathered by hand from different parts of Bulgaria. The processing of the wild mushrooms is made under strict control of experts. This inspection guarantees the absolute absence of False mushrooms. Our range of wild mushrooms includes: Porcini, Chanterelle, Marasmius Oreades, Pleurotus Ostreatus, Hydnum Repandum, Black Trumpet, Cultivated Champignons, etc.


Ready Meals

markogi ready meals, stuffed vine and cabbage leaves

We offer several types ready meals, traditional for the Balkan culture. In our assortment there are all types of white and red beans, stuffed cabbage leaves, stuffed vine leaves. Our stuffed vine and cabbage leaves are big, juicy and have many ingredients. They are different than the typical "Greek" or "Turkish", which are smaller, used as appetizers.


Frozen vegetables and fruits

markogi frozen vegetables, mushrooms, fruits

Starting only with frozen Capia peppers and frozen eggplant, our intentions are to gain experience and add more products. The goal is to be able to freeze as many types of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, as possible. We plan to include also frozen foods in the near future.

Vacuum Vegetables


In order to avoid harder conditions of sterilization, we pack some vegetables under vacuum. Such products are: cabbage, cut in two; cabbage leaves; chopped cabbage; brined cucumbers; pickled vegetables Torshi.



Roasted Vegetables

markogi roasted vegetables - roasted eggplant, roasted peeled pepper, red pepper in a  jar

One of the company's policies is to offer vegetables, grown in Bulgaria. The taste of Bulgarian vegetables has been famous for years on the international market. We are proud as producers of roasted, peeled peppers. We have years of experience and we get new clients every year. We produce also roasted eggplant. To this group of products we can add: grilled eggplant, grilled zucchini and grill mix (eggplant, zucchini, peppers).

Pickled Vegetables

markogi pickled vegetables

Our largest order was made by a Romanian company for bell peppers cut in 4 and marinated. We also produce marinated peppers in stripes, cucumbers, assorti, hot peppers, etc.



Compotes and Jams

markogi jams and compotes

During the last years, our partners have increased their orders with new products. As a result, we added different types of compotes and jams to our list.