The Nature in a Jar

It follows the tradition of quality products and a production process that preserves the valuable nutrients and vitamins of vegetables.

The recipe of Markogi lutenitsa is implemented from our grandparents and the formula wasn’t changed a bit. The technologists use the same raw material, the same ingredients with the same proportions. The product is not fried, it is boiled at 65o C and all nutrients and vitamins are kept at highest levels. It is also a recommended food for people with sensitive stomachs.

Shortly after the commercialization of the lutenitsa in jars, the nostalgia for the old days when people personally filled and sterilized the lutenitsa in jars starts to reemerge. This is when Markogi started to produce and sell bulk lutenitsa. It was a marketing strategy that combines the quality of our star product and the satisfaction of the traditional “Do it yourself” home-made lutenitsa, that so many Bulgarians cherish and love. After many experimentations, tastings, consultations with clients, nutrition specialists, technologists, and other professionals from the food industry, the home recipe becomes a production technology. It follows the tradition of quality products and a production process that preserves the valuable nutrients and vitamins of vegetables. Our lutenitsa is not fried, but boiled under vacuum, which makes it healthier for consumption and suitable for customers with sensitive stomachs. No preservatives, dyes, fillers or other chemicals.
Made from only natural products, research shows that Markogi’s lutenitsa is extremely rich in antioxidants. 100g of lutenitsa contains the necessary daily dose of Vitamin C.

Bulk luteinca

Since 2011, the Markogi factory has been selling bulk lutenitsa per kilogram. The interest towards our product is growing tremendously in the past years, and customers from all over Bulgaria are coming to our fabric and buying from our on-site store. The factory is located in the village of Hrishteni and the lutenitsa quickly became popular among the people of Stara Zagora as “Hrishtenska lutenitsa”. The growth of the sales for the bulk lutenica is more than 900% on average for the last 10 years. Here every pepper and eggplant are processed by hand. With this formula we maintain quality and have been on the market for more than 25 years.

Lutenitsa in jars

300 g / 550 g
It is prepared from the highest quality roasted red peppers 65%, tomato paste 13%, roasted eggplant 16%. We also add sunflower oil, salt, sugar. The ready product is filled inside glass jars, sterilized with shelf life of 24 months.


With you, everywhere!

During the last years, we have requests for smaller and lighter containers for our lutenitsa. Those are clients, who are always on the road, barbeque maniacs, nature lovers or even climbers. Veganitsa was created just for them.

Veganitsa Autumn Vegetables in 100 g pouches
Veganitsa Ketchup in 100 g pouches